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Early Childhood Programs

Watch your child’s imagination grow in our preschool dance programs. Our teachers will introduce your child to dance by using age appropriate music, movements, imagery, and colorful props which will stimulate imagination and self-expression. The preschool dancer will develop a greater sense of body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and creative environment. The students, ages 3 and up, are invited to perform in our annual Holiday Show and in our Spring Showcase.

  • Mini Movers Class for 2 year olds

    Are you looking for a fun class for your little mini mover? In our Mini Mover Class, we will introduce your little one to the magical world of dance, music, and make-believe. Designed to be fun and imaginative, your child will respond to music and be inspired creatively through the guided activities. We will use nursery rhymes, colorful props, and lots of fun movement activities, designed to improve coordination, gross motor skills, enhance cognitive learning skills, and develop social skills. Your child will love this class!

  • 3 year olds Pre-ballet and Creative Movement Class

    Do you have a three year old who has boundless energy, enjoys music, likes to move, and is creative? Our dance program for three year olds will introduce your child to the world of dance. Your child will develop a greater sense of body awareness, rhythm, musicality, flexibility, and coordination with our activities, designed to foster listening skills, communication skills, classroom etiquette, and imagination. Your child will have fun dancing in this class!

  • 4 and 5 year olds Tap and Ballet Class

    In this class, students will enjoy using their feet to make sounds like a musical instrument when they begin their tap lessons. In ballet, they will learn basic ballet positions, combinations, and terminology. Musicality, rhythm patterns, and balance skills will be emphasized in tap and ballet helps with flexibility, balance, body alignment, sensory awareness, and cognitive skills. We will inspire your child to enjoy dancing!

  • Kindergarten Ballet, Tap, Jazz Class

    Following our dance syllabi, children will continue to study the fundamentals of ballet including the positions, barre and center floor exercises and tap technique. They will continue to improve their technique, strengthen their coordination, and develop musicality. We will introduce basic jazz steps, including stretching and body isolations in our dynamic jazz portion of this class. They will have fun learning basic jazz steps and we will keep your child moving in this class!

Student Division Programs

In the Student Division, the classes are designed to educate, inspire, and enhance the lives of our students in a supportive environment. Students, ages 6 and up, may enroll in one of our combination classes or in a specialty class, appropriate for their level. Many of our students will enroll in a combo class and participate in several of our other dance programs.

  • Combo Classes

    Our combination classes are designed to teach children ballet, tap, and jazz. The students will build knowledge and skills through a continuous spiraling curriculum, which is designed to educate, inspire, and enhance the lives of our students while emphasizing proper dance technique.

  • Ballet

    Students will learn classical ballet technique and progress from adagio to allegro as they do center work and ballet barre, concentrating on alignment, balance, turnout, strength, flexibility, and technique. Students will advance to learn complicated ballet combinations and learn dance terminology. Ballet is an artistic style of dance and it is the foundation of dance.

  • Pointe

    Pointe: Students who have continuously studied ballet for three or more years and are at least 11 years old may begin pointe upon the teacher’s recommendation. All pointe students must enroll in two ballet classes per week.

  • Tap dance

    Tap dance is an original form of dance in America with its roots coming from Africa, Ireland, and Scotland. Students will learn traditional, Broadway tap, and progressive tap (rhythm tap) in the classes and they will develop rhythm, syncopation,  timing, and coordination. The dancers will create music with their feet, producing clear tap sounds in these classes.

  • Jazz

    In this energetic class, students will learn stylist jazz techniques as seen on the Broadway stages, classical jazz, and contemporary jazz. All jazz classes will consist of warm-up and isolation, center work, and progression skills, including jumps and turns. Emphasis will be placed on control and mo on of the body with freedom of style and expression.

  • Modern

    Unlike ballet, modern dance is an abstract way of exploring with  time, space, and shapes while moving through different levels. Graham, Horton, Limón, and other modern styles will be incorporated in this class.

  • Contemporary

    In this class, modern, ballet, jazz, and lyrical styles of dance are infused to create an expressive class consisting of improvisation, release and contraction, and it features a wide range of movement.

  • Hip Hop

    Students will learn funk, break, pop and lock, street style and the latest moves in this high energy class.

  • Boys' Hip Hop

    The boys in this high energy class will learn the latest urban hip hop moves as seen in music videos or on television, such as popping, locking, and breaking. Designed especially for boys, the movements will emphasize rhythm, coordination, strength, athleticism, and stamina.  The music and the routines will be age-appropriate.

  • Lyrical

    By infusing the elegance of ballet and the rhythms of jazz, the students will either Interpret a song’s lyrics or respond to the music to tell a story in this beautiful style of dance.



Specialty Classes

  • Irish Dance

    All That Dance Studio is a partner school of Hester Academy of Irish Dance. Certified and registered with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha and the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, J.J. Hester shares his knowledge and love of Irish culture and dance with our students. Classes are offered for boys and girls, ages 4 and up and they will learn the intricate foot work, beginning with the soft shoe, known as ghillies and advancing to the hard shoe. The students will have the opportunity to compete and perform in Irish related events. (Alloway studio)

  • Musical Theater

    In this class, students will learn about theatre arts, combining acting, singing, and dancing. (Hopewell studio)

  • African dance

    Students will learn about the cultures of West African and various dance styles in this high energy class. (Hopewell studio)

  • Adaptive Dance

    This creative movement dance class was developed for children, ages 4-12, with differing physical abilities. A certified dance movement therapist will teach this class. (Hopewell studio)


  • acro

    The students in this class will learn to do fundamental acrobatics; such as, forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, aerials while building dexterity, strength, and coordination. (Hopewell studio)

  • Stretch, Turns, and Leap Class

    This is a challenging class which will help perfect a dancer’s technique. (Hopewell studio)

  • Ballet for Women

    There are many benefits for enrolling in this class. You may increase your  flexibility, improve your balance and coordination, tone and strengthen your muscles,  flatten your tummy, and relieve stress.


  • Pilates and Yoga

    We incorporate Pilates and Yoga in our Stretch, Turn, and Leaps Class. Private Pilate's lessons on the Reformer may be scheduled for an additional fee.

  • Dance fitness

    These dance fitness classes for adults are fun.


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